Frequently Asked Questions

How do i order a taxi ?

If you need a taxi right away, you may contact us through out hotline number (082) 299-1111 or text us your full name and the complete address of your pick up point. For residential address, please indicate your house number, street number, and the name of your subdivision/village at:

  • Globe: 0919-230-0188
  • Smart: 0917-705-4455
  • Sun: 0922-803-4455
Can i request a taxi at night, in the morning or at dawn?

Yes, we have friendly operators ready to assist you 24/7

Do you have big Taxis?

We only have 4 seated for the passengers 1 at the front and 3 at the back and also the driver. Compartment can accommodate 3 small luggage or 2 big luggage

How much does it cost to book a taxi?

Booking a taxi is free of charge.

I left my belonging inside your taxi unit, where can i report it ?

You may class us 24/7 at (082) 299-1111 or visit us at #75-A Del Carmen St. Matina Aplaya, Davao City. Please provide us details of the taxi and your trip such as: Your pick up point, Your destination, Name and Color of the Taxi, Plate number, Body Number, Name of the Taxi Driver or any detail that can help us easily identify the taxi.

Can I book a cab ahead of time especially when I have an early flight?

Yes, but please book a cab at least 4 hours before your flight schedule and indicate the time of your departure. You may class us at (082) 299-1111 and provide us with your full name, complete address and contact numbers/s.